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 Good Behavior: The Environment
A game of association for learning about the right attitudes for protecting the environment. It enta..
Abacus 100
Abacus formed by 5 columns and with a complete assortment of forms and colours. Accompanied ..
Abacus 50
Abacus formed by 5 columns and with a complete assortment of forms and colors. Accompanied by int..
Actions and Musical Instruments
A game which enable children to learn about the sounds and names of: “Actions and Musical Instrument..
48 cards which develop comprehension and expression of adjectives. A set of 48 large format cards..
Anatomy Set
Learn better about the organs in the human body and their position. The game is made up of the mo..
Apple Mathematics
Contents: 10 pieces for each of the images: Apple, Cat, Pliers; Hammer, Pear, Clock, Rabbit, Telepho..
Aquatic Study
Observe and transport aquatic animals safely! A set formed by a large pot, a fishing net with han..
A game comprising 68 cards for creating 34 pairs. This educational material is based on the process ..
Balance Wood
Playing with the scales is fun and educational. It gives children insight into concepts such as more..
48 cards illustrating everyday activities in 3-step sequences. Use these three-step sequences to ..
48 cards in simple settings. With clear images illustrating the most frequently used and easily r..
Before and after
The game comprises 90 photographs divided into 30 series of before-during-after situations. Each ser..
BINGO: 25 Sounds and their Names
A series of three games each one for learning to differentiate 25 sounds and discovering their names..
Bowling Game
Wooden bowling game where you can have fun playing different ways because of the shape of the pins. ..
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