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Clics Rollerbox

Clics Rollerbox
Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox Clics Rollerbox
Brand: CLICS
Product Code: BBMCB409-02
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Clics Rollerbox


Clics are colored plastic building blocks that clic together to form hundreds of different models, limited only by the imagination of the child.


  • Are produced in bite-proof safe, polypropylene, they are durable and able to withstand
    prolonged use under all conditions.
  • Are available with additional accessoiries such as axles and wheels for additional
    and extended play value.
  • Helps to develop different skills of your child.
  • Are made for children age 4 and older.
  • Are compliant with all safety regulation for toys in the USA and EC.


Rollerbox 400 pcs - 340 Clics & 60 accessories - building plans for 24 different constructions.


Take the wheels off from the rollerbox and use them in your constructions


WARNING: Choking Hazard - Toys not suitable for children under 3 years - the small parts could choke a child


CLICS is an educational construction toy that grows with the child.


CLICS will challenge a child’s mind, kinetic capabilities and their talent for logical thinking like no other toy can. All the CLICS pieces are fully interchangeable with all the sets. While other toys might be fiddly and frustrating to small hands, CLICS can be more easily handled and used to create a long lasting model and a more satisfying play experience.


CLICS are recommended for children from age 4 without any upper age. The models can be as simple or as complicated as you like: from simple blocks and cars to dragsters, planes and even a full village.


CLICS building plans add to the excitement by guiding children step by step in making some of the more complicated models.

A fantastic mind absorbing toy that will encourage children to plan, construct and play. Children will love an individual challenge of creating the many hundred of constructions possible or will join a group to create larger constructions.

The most advantageous feature of CLICS is the strength of the constructions. While other construction toys will break or fall to pieces by even the smallest of knocks, CLICS will stay strong and in most times in one piece if they are dropped pushed over. This gives a group of children the opportunity to create their models and play with them for many days at a time till they are ready to create something new.

Clics is a safe toy compliant to all EU regulations – Clics is made in Belgium near the city of Antwerp.


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