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H.C. PLAYMASTER LTD operates in Cyprus since 1990 and since then, is activated in studying, organizing, consulting and supplying all kinds of playgrounds and kindergartens in all cities. The quality and expertise that characterizes us is ensured by our partnership with key agencies in playground equipment and outdoor toys that operate internationally (Europe and America). The application of expertise combined with adherence to safety standards that must be met in every playground, a children's entertainment or learning environment, are for us the foremost criterion in all forthcoming collaboration with our highly selective clientele.


Through the expertise developed from our experience in the field, we propose additional innovative solutions to existing sites which satisfy European Standards (EN1176/77) with particular reference to the safety of our children. Based on this perspective we are at your disposal for complete information through the provision of comprehensive proposals for the creation and configuration of environments for entertainment and learning for children of all ages.


H.C.PLAYMASTER LTD undertakes configuration playgrounds and provision in special playgrounds, kindergartens, child care centers, hotels, residential developments as well as international restaurant chains.


H.C.PLAYMASTER LTD specializes in importing and supplying:

1.      Educational toys for content development and for cultivating special skills (teaching material, material proscription, strings, complex resonances, construction toys, etc.)

2.      Consumable materials such as tempera, Finger, glass paint, magnetic paint, sponge paint, brushes, cups, aprons painting, stamps, stencils painting, markers, crayons, paper craft, scissors, erasers, paperboard, decorating ideas, clay, tools, creating materials, posters etc.

3.      Puzzle (themed puzzle for animals, food, transportation, professions, growing puzzle, magnetic puzzle, etc.)

4.      Mathematics teaching aids, shapes, colors, watches etc.

5.      Equipment for socialization of children and dramatization (e.g. kitchens)

6.      Musicals Instruments.

7.      Wooden and plastic furniture for schools and offices.

8.      Additional indoor games and outdoor (transportation, bicycles, swings, slides, houses, children's activities with sand and water, safety floor, swings, climbing outdoor games etc.

9.      Equipment for fitness and physiotherapy (balance games, sports kit, mats, ribbons, stilts, balls, fitness equipment etc.

10.  Equipment for therapy (cards speech therapy and equipment for special education teachers).

11.  Safety Rubber Tiles.

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